How hospice and home care agencies are battling nurse burnout and high turnover.

Learn how an emerging specialty service — outsourced after-hours triage calls handled by an experienced registered nurse — is helping providers:

  • Improve nurse job satisfaction
  • Reduce night rotations
  • Recruit and retain talent
  • Improve patient and caregiver experience
  • Improve CAHPS scores
  • Improve financial performance

"I couldn’t hire even one nursing position that could be as consistent as our after-hours nurse call service. The value of the service compared to the cost is exponential. Our nurses love it. It helps us recruit for both daytime and after-hours positions and helps with retention as well.”

- Martha Mosier, VP & Chief Operating Officer
Hospice Brazos Valley

Increase Satisfaction and Reduce Turnover

Studies show that workload and administrative demands are among the top reasons hospice nurses leave their jobs, often contributing more to burnout than witnessing death and dying. On-call nurses also say that having to worry about handling after-hours calls is a significant added stressor.l

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